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Gustaf March 25, 2003 17:11

Meshing problem...

I have experienced problems creating a surface mesh using CFX 5.5.1 on a linux system, the problem being that I can't create a surface mesh. CFX complains about some topology error. I created a test model that consisted of a simple cylinder and had the same problem.

The strange thing is that I ftp:d my model to an alpha based machine and the converted model worked just fine.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?

Many thanks,

Gustaf Mårtensson

FaxénLaboratoriet Mekanik - KTH Osquarsbacke 18 100 44 Stockholm Sweden m: 070 20 33 185 t: 08 790 7195 e:

Glenn Horrocks March 25, 2003 17:17

Re: Meshing problem...
Hi Gustaf,

Can you describe the nature of the problem?

Glenn Horrocks

Gustaf March 28, 2003 11:37

Re: Meshing problem...
Hey Glenn,

The nature of the problem,... well, I do the whole thing with geometry, domain,... et cetera. I can verify the topology of the solid, but when I try to create a surface mesh I get an error message,

No warning or error messages found

That didn't help much. I looked in the log window and saw something that might be important,

$# Surface mesh mode not found in database : setting to Delaunay

I can send you the screenshots if you'd like.



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