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kiodos November 6, 2017 09:52

CFD-Post Define volume in CEL/CCL or external surface

I would like to calculate the average of a fluid velocity on a custom-defined volume.

I have hard time to define such volume since it is an inclined cylinder (let's imagine a 45 circular pipe crossing another one that is horizontal in which the inlet and the outlet have been defined).

I successfully imported an external .stl surface geometry (a cylindrical shell) but I cannot create a volume from it.

I also successfully created a "surface of revolution" with cylindrical shape but as before I cannot use it for having a volume.

I am trying usuccessfully to coding in CEL Inside CFD-Post but for example the function Inside() is not active in post-CFD but only in pre-CFD.

I though to coding it in CCL in a session file, but I lack in syntax and a decent coding guide/reference/tutorial.

How do you handle the custom-volume definition on CFD-post, how could I bypass the limitation of the GUI, partially with CEL or totally with CCL ?

Thank you in advance !

ghorrocks November 6, 2017 17:12

In the meshing software if you define the cylindrical region as a named region it should then flow through to the solver and post processor from there. You can then easily do mathematical functions on it.

This functionality has only been available since V17 I think. So if you are on a older version there is a reason to upgrade to the current version.

kiodos November 7, 2017 05:01

Thank you for your answer,

the definition of the geometry has to be done in the CAD step or is simple to do it in the meshing tool (any shape as cylinder, cube, user-defined) ?

ghorrocks November 7, 2017 05:41

You can do it in either CAD or mesher.

kiodos December 18, 2017 04:19

I kinda succeed to do what I wanted by using named region, thank you all!

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