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Carola April 14, 2003 10:14

Hi Guys!, anybody knows what relative pressure at the outlet boundary condition mean?. Im trying to simulate a combustor. In the reality, this combustor works in a gas turbine, how shall I specify this relative pressure at the outlet?.

Take care!


frank April 14, 2003 13:13

Re: Pressure
hi carola,

relative pressure is the pressure above a defined reference pressue (usually the atmospheric pressure defined elsewere, i.e in FLOTRAN under 'reference conditions' panel), if your outlet flow is against environmental pressure, your relative pressure here is simply zero.

It's not always so, that the outlet has relative p=0 but it's a typical setting.

In general, relative pressure is calculated by CFD code, if you want the absolute pressure, add the environmental pressure to the relative one.

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Robin April 14, 2003 14:15

Re: Pressure
Hi Carola,

It is simply the pressure at your boundary relative to the "reference pressure" you defined for the domain.


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