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blair April 15, 2003 12:41

CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
I am using CFX 5.5.1, and would like to do some work in 2D. I want to set 1 cell thickness and have been using the mesh stretch function, but the mesh controls I have prevent me from having just 1 cell thickness. I wanted to try setting an inflation layer in the thickness direction, but already have a different inflation layer in the model, and I do not seem to be able to set 2 different inflation layers. Can anyone help? thank you

Helper April 16, 2003 10:13

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
Using and environment variable (CFX5_2D_MESH = TRUE) and suitable periodic boundaries you can get a mesh that is one element thick. Contact your CFX support rep. and they will give you more specific information.

Bob April 17, 2003 08:49

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
Hi, yes the previous email details how to achieve a proper 2D mesh in CFD. You can create a pseudo 2D-3D mesh like you were doing, but it will always be restricted by your mesh and mesh controls as to how 3D the mesh actually becomes. Changing the enviroment variable is the simplest method, just remember to change it back when you have finished doing 2D meshing else, as I did, you will end up calling support and feeling a little silly when they ask if you've been doing some 2D meshing !!opps (cheers CFX guys !!). Another approach is to generate a structured mesh, but this will depend upon the complexity of your model and if you haven't done this before, an additional learning curve. There are loads of previous FAQ's on how to do this on the CFD-online site. Good luck Bob

Holidays April 17, 2003 11:05

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
The best way is to set the varaible in the command line window from which you start Build. This way, when you exit, you are fine.

P.S. This is true on PCs as well.

colins May 15, 2003 02:00

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
I set a environment variable "CFX5_2D-MESH=TRUE" in <control panal\system\advanced\environment variable> but when i load the CFX launcher and show variable i find "CFX5_2D-MESH=TRUE" is unrecognized environment variable ,why? Holidays post that:The best way is to set the varaible in the command line window from which you start Build. How to?

Robin May 15, 2003 14:48

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work

use an underscore between 2D and MESH, as above.

To set it from a command prompt in Windows, use:


Regards, Robin

colins May 16, 2003 08:37

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
to Robin I follow you ,but it doesn't work,by the way i am using CFX5.5 rather than CFX5.5.1,is that the reason?

Robin May 16, 2003 15:46

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
Did you create a mesh? The mesh in Build will not display as 2D, but the volume mesh will be created by extruding between the two faces of your periodic boundary (you did create a periodic boundary?).


colins May 19, 2003 06:18

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work
yes,I created a mesh with periodic boundary.however,the mesh doesn't have a unit thickness,I think it's because i set the environment variable said that the CFX environment CFX_2D_MESH is unrecognized. and how to set it correctly?

Robin May 20, 2003 10:29

Re: CFX 5.5.1 for 2D work

The answer is right in front of you!


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