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Donna April 27, 2003 22:28

CFX-Post (Urgent!)
Dear all,

I'm using CFX-Post (CFX5). And I like to see the results for a U-Shape space which bounded by three surfaces. And my expected result is that there is a rising jet. However, I have no idea how to do, for visualising this result. Which locator should I use? and which feature should i use then for a rising jet? vector plot? streamline? Can anyone suggest me a method? Please help me who is a new CFD learner! Thank you!


Bob April 28, 2003 05:26

Re: CFX-Post (Urgent!)
Hi Donna, Try a slice plane locator and then use vetors on the slice plane. it may also be an idea to work through the tutorials, or at least the first few. Its also a good idea to be familiar with the other tutorials, or at least be aware of what topics they cover as most answers can be found in these. A good place to look is at the start of the additional tutorial (I think its there - please someone correct me if I'm wrong), as there is a break down of topics acovered and in which tutorial they are discussed. Bob

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