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Nelson April 29, 2003 14:38

Boundary Condition

I like to create a boundary condition of "Fluid-Solid Interface". However it is in grey, i.e. cannot choose it. Would you please tell me how to activate this? and is it that my B-rep solid should include a "Solid Sub-domain"? If yes, how should I create a solid sub-domain? I'm a user of CFX5.5. Thanks for your help!


Bob April 30, 2003 11:28

Re: Boundary Condition
Hi Nelson, I think you need to create 2 solids, one to be your fluid and one to be your solid sub domain. Once thats done then you should be able to define your interface. Int eh solid subdomain you'll need to specify your solid properties. Bob

Vincent May 5, 2003 09:32

Re: Boundary Condition
Hi, Maybe it's too late for an advice, but you can acces the "fluid solid interface" form only by choosing a heat transfer model in the "fluid model menu" and defining a "solid sub region".

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