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ditto May 5, 2003 23:47

Parameters in multiphase
Halo ,

I am simulating a problem involving high pressure steam at 170 bar 540c mixing with the sprayed water through nozzle holes which is at 93 bar and 140c.When i was going through CFX 5.5.1 ,i was asked to given many details like surface tension coefficeient,drag coefficient and so on.

I would like to know about the parameters that will really affect the mixing here.And moreover how to proceed from here.I have droplet dia of 5mm.Any literature regarding mixing of steam and water will really help me?

Thank you friends


Holidays May 7, 2003 05:56

Re: Parameters in multiphase
These coefficient will affect the shape of the particles and thereby the drag coefficient depending on the regime you are in. I guess that you could use one of the precided laws (eg Ishii Zuber) for this instead of stating a fixed value.

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