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Bernd Horlacher May 13, 2003 04:26

Problem on importing IDEAS mesh
Dear all,

I'm a CFX5.5 user and I'm trying to import an IDEAS hexahedral mesh (universal file). The problem ist, that the 2D-regions which were created in IDEAS by groups (nodes, surfaces,...I tried all) are not available in CFX5. Is there anybody who can help or give me some ideas? Thank you for your help.


John K May 20, 2003 17:09

Re: Problem on importing IDEAS mesh
I had a similar problem importing a mesh from StarCD, even written in Patran format which is what CFX5 requires. It is one of my continual problems with CFX, the inability to import anything into it. I ended up writing a translator to get from Star to CFX. If you have documentation for IDEAS Universal (or can you write a Patran format file?) format and use Patran documentation (the CFX info is a little sketchy) to find the required formats and fields for CFX all you need is a bit of code in between... I cannot provide you with any framework since my translator was developed whilst working for a large engineering company and is hence copyrighted...

Bernd Horlacher May 21, 2003 02:09

Re: Problem on importing IDEAS mesh
Hi John,

many thanks for your response. In the meantime I found out that there is a button called 'Import Regions from Nodes' in the Advanced Options of Import Mesh. By using this the whole mesh including the 2D-regions are available in CFX5(.5).


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