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Miko May 15, 2003 07:50

How to learn to use subroutine?
Hi, All! I am a beginner og CFX. Now I need to use subroutine to meet my need, but I don't know how to use subroutine. Is someone kind enough to tell me how to begin to learn to use it?

Robin May 15, 2003 14:45

Re: How to learn to use subroutine?
Are you sure you need subroutines? What are you trying to do?


Miko May 15, 2003 20:41

Re: How to learn to use subroutine?
Oh, yes! I do need it, for I will add magnetic force as body force to reslove my problem. By the way, I also want to know how to change the properties of the flow. Thank you! Miko

matej May 16, 2003 03:46

Re: How to learn to use subroutine?

First you have to reveal what version of CFX you are using. If it is CFX 4, you will need them, If it is CFX5, you can add a source to any equation (if it is not reading data from file or if it is not a function of any gradient from calculation) without the subroutine.

to give you some hint, for the properties ... in CFX 4, if you look at the end of documentation, you will have the set of commands into *.fc file. It's very usefull reference and you will find there all commands you need to change VISCOSITY ....DENSITY .... whatever you need. In CFX5 you can either modify the material or the mass and heat trasfer properties in the panels in build when you set the physics, or you can do it by editing the *.def file.


Holidays May 16, 2003 04:10

Re: How to learn to use subroutine?
Additionally I have seen some MHD work done by CFX Germany in CFX-5 already, so you might benefit from their experience. Speak to your CFX provider or look on the community site for some info as part of the work might already be available.

Miko May 18, 2003 08:11

Re: How to learn to use subroutine?
Thank you, matej! I really appreciate your help!

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