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michael rasmussen May 18, 2003 08:52

Specifying shear stress on wall in 5.5.1

I would like to add a shear stress value on a wall boundary. The case is more or less classic: Wind generated circulation in water. I know how to estimate the shear stress on the water surface, but have failed to find an boundary condition in CFX 5.5.1 where it is possible to specify it.

I have found the moving wall condition, but it seems that I only can specify the velocity components - and not the shear stress.

Is there a possibility for specifying shear stress ? -- a workaround ?

btw: I want to make the simulation in one-phase.



Holidays May 19, 2003 09:49

Re: Specifying shear stress on wall in 5.5.1
Hum, one could do this in CFX-4, but having just glanced through the RULES file I cannot find the option to this effect...

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