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Miko May 22, 2003 21:03

Fortran installing(Urgent!)
Hi All,

I need use subroutine, and I think I must install Fortran in my computer(My OS is Windows and my CFX version is 5.5). Now my questions are: 1.what kind of Fortran I should install;2.where should I install, that is, what is the installing path? 3. is anything else I should pay attention to?

zahid May 24, 2003 07:41

Re: Fortran installing(Urgent!)
Hi Miko CFX requires Digital Visual Fortran 6 for subtroutines. You can install it on any path. When you want to link a user subroutine you will have to follow following procedure: 1. Open DOS command window 2. Change the directory to Bin directory of Digital Visual Fortran. 3. write dfvars on DOS prompt. dfvars is a batch file. By executing it proper environmetal variables will be set. Now use are ready to use user subroutines. Hope it will help you. If you still have problems then contact me on e-mail.

Robin May 24, 2003 09:26

Re: Fortran installing(Urgent!)
Well, it is possible, but Zahid's suggestion will give you better results.


Miko May 25, 2003 21:15

Re: Fortran installing(Urgent!)
Thank you! after I installed Digital Visual Fortran6.5, also called Compaq Visual Fortran6.5 I think, everything includeing environmental variables was set automatically. So when I type "cfx5mkext my_subroutine_name.f" in the Command Line, it worked successfully and created two files ended with .DLL and .O in the subfolder "winnt" in the working directory. So I'm wondering if it means that now I can write my subroutine.

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