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RON May 28, 2003 21:44

modify the geometry!
hi all guys: i want to modify the geometry parameter,and i also want to through changing the *.db document to realise my thought,so which one can give me advice?(my simulation is the wind loading on building!i often need to change the building's model parameter and the domain's parameter)

Bob June 2, 2003 04:40

Re: modify the geometry!
Hi Ron, you need to look at the patran command language (or PCL). this is a programming language within build (or also known as Patran), that might allow you to do what you want. It may not be easy for you, but it is possible. If your online help does not include the PCL manuals you can get these from the CFX web site. To change the domain size or building dimensions you may want to think how you would do this manually first, before attacking the problem with PCL. One way may be to keep certain aspects constant. By this i mean, put the building on a smaller circular base surface, which will not change, then just change the surfaces around this base for creating different domains. You may also want to do something similar for the building ?

I'm not that experienced with PCL, may be others on the site have more expereience ?? How would RObin attack the problem ?


RON June 2, 2003 08:34

Re: modify the geometry!
Thank you Bob,i will try.thank u again!

mahendra June 2, 2003 13:30

Re: modify the geometry!
Go for parametric modelling.

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