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Louwrens June 3, 2003 04:46

Dual temperature boundary condition
I need to specify an atmospheric boundary, where the specified temperature is dependent on the flow direction. For flow into the domain, the specified temperature should be the ambient atmospheric value, but for flow out of the domain I want to specify a zero-gradient condition. I know CEL would probably be the way to do this, but how? The problem basically is how to "detect" whether the flow in into or out of the domain at the boundary, and if out, how do I specify a zero gradient? I'm using CFX 5.5.1


Robin June 3, 2003 21:58

Re: Dual temperature boundary condition
Hi Louwrens,

This is what you get when you use an opening. If flow is coming into the domain, the temperature is whatever you specified; if flow is exiting the domain, the temperature is determined by the upstream condition (zero gradient at outlet).

Regards, Robin

Louwrens June 4, 2003 03:58

Re: Dual temperature boundary condition
Oh the bliss...

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