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Novak Elliott June 5, 2003 03:23

memory requirements
Hi all,

In CFX4.4 I get the following error (in the output file):


Is this error related to ram or hard drive space? I know that I'm pushing the limit of the amount of physical memory required but I'm also wondering whether I'm running out of hard disk space.

With the -dir option: => -dir /model/.cfx4_tmpdir

Does anyone know how much hard drive space is required as compared to the amount of physical memory?

eg, for a 1GB ram model, how much space does CFX-4 need for its temporary directory?

cheers, Novak.

Nyatoto June 5, 2003 05:39

Re: memory requirements
Hi Novak,

The first question is; what is the grid size? Your RAM seems OK for a 'general' simulation.

There are 3 accations that I have seen this message: (1) When, in the postprocess, i become over ambitious and select many blocks/planes for vector plot, fringe plot etc (2) when i model a 2-phase 3D system on less than 0.6GB RAM machine. (3) When there is an interruption in the license acquisition (I call this false alarm!!).

regards Nyatoto

Novak Elliott June 5, 2003 19:30

Re: memory requirements
Hi Nyatoto,

I have around 450000 internal cells, my solution was not grid independent with half that number of cells so I continue to refine the grid.

My model is a single phase, laminar transient flow problem with moving and deforming grids and an adaptive mesh (user fortran).

I'm not running the CFX-LINEGRAPH to dynamically plot the residuals since this program (line.exe) uses up as much memory as the solver (runsolve4)!

The problem is only in the solver, pre-processing doesn't present a problem and I haven't got a solution to post-process yet with this grid. There are no problems with the licencing.

Any thoughts? I guess I'll know the answer as soon as I can get my hands on a machine with more memory!


Nyatoto June 6, 2003 02:50

Re: memory requirements
Then it appears the problem could just be the memory.

regards Nyatoto

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