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Novak Elliott June 5, 2003 21:07

Double Precision?
Hi all,

In the Advanced panel of the CFX4 solver GUI there is an option for Double Precision accuracy. I always choose this option. However, I've recently started running the solver from the command line to prevent CFX-LINEGRAPH (line.exe) from running too since it uses as much memory as the solver does!!!

The solver command that is generated by selecting options in the GUI is printed at the top of the output file; eg,

/usr/local/CFX44/bin/runsolve4 -rel 4.4dp -dir /u/student4/novake/cfd/plates/g05/.cfx4_tmpdir -enviro 01 -c m01.fc -geom m01.geo -fort m01.f

=> there is no mention here of the double precision that I specified in the GUI

Moreover, there does not appear to be any such option available through the command line. Typing runsolve4 -help gives:

Option Aliases -------------------------- -command file -c -debug -dbx -dir dirname -dynam -resid -enviro str -example str -e -exec file -fort file -f -geom file -geo -g -help -include file -inc -i -keepdir -main -object file -o -obj -parallel -par -rad file -release number -rel -restart file -r -rg file -savexec -strip_topol -testing -user

Any suggestions?

cheers, Novak.

Alex June 6, 2003 01:45

Re: Double Precision?
Hi Novak!

-rel 4.4dp means realease 4.4 double precision!


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