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stex June 9, 2003 08:51

Restart - Initial Values File
Hallo, i have a problem. I have a moving grid, so as I finish the first run I would like to start the second step (which is a *.def file) starting from the initial values file ( 001.res) . Obviously the mesh is different....but if I try CFX use the same initial mesh.....that it isn't right; so how I have to proceed??

please help me!!

Robin June 9, 2003 12:12

Re: Restart - Initial Values File

Selecting an initial values file will result in the solver using the mesh and results from this file with the physics of the specified .def file.

What you probably want is to interpolate the previous solution onto the new mesh. To do this, simply use the interpolate function from the Solver Manager.


cfd guy June 10, 2003 04:56

Re: Restart - Initial Values File
If you're working with batch files it is useful to use the interpolator from the command line:
cfx5interp -def newmesh.def oldmesh.res
Regards, cfd guy

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