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lancy June 10, 2003 06:19

about use macro to compute torque in TASCflow
In TASCflow, I use the Macro(torque,see the ) to compute the torque,but the computational torque always smaller than the practical. Why?

And I define macro torque use the Macro to compute the torque in pump, the computational efficiency is over 100%.

--================================================== =============== -- -- Calculate the torque on the blade -- if ("$1" = "'$1'")


echo Enter blade surface region:

input _x_ask

define region _x_bldreg = $_x_ask else

define region _x_bldreg = $1 endif -- if (existscalar 'area_wall_x')

calc _tq@_x_bldreg = _p*area_wall_y*x-_p*area_wall_x*y

calc torque = -1.0*sum(_tq@_x_bldreg)

calc _tq@_x_bldreg = visc_bnd_fy*area_wall*x-visc_bnd_fx*area_wall*y

calc torque = torque-sum(_tq@_x_bldreg)

echo touque=$torque --

delete scalar _tq

endif -- else


echo ERROR: AREA_WALL fields not available. The torque calculation echo has been aborted. Run TASCflow with BCINFO=T in the PRM file to

echo have these fields added to the RSO file.


calc torque=0.0 endif endmacro -- torque

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