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Ansah June 10, 2003 11:47

CFX4: 3d geometry

I have been modelling a fluidised bed using a 2d geometry with the longest dimension deliberately drawn in the I direction. I am trying to generate a 3d version of the geometry, however, I have tried to produce the geometry such that the longest dimension is in the k-plane / z direction.

When amending my USERINT file to define a continuous and dispersed phase, I am unable to produce a suitable bed height in the plane of choice i.e longest length in z dir. Whatever I try, it's as if CFX solver can only produce the bed height in the X-direction. Is it necessary to have to produce the geometry with the longest dimension in the x direction?


jeff July 16, 2003 21:10

Re: CFX4: 3d geometry

You can loop over all nodes and set your phase based on the XC,YC,ZC coordinates of each node. If you are above the interfacial Z-plane, set phases to 0 and 1 appropriately. If below, set them reverse. Make sure you loop over ALL the nodes using INODE = 1,NNODE.

Also, use the variables:

ZERO = 1.0E-10 ONE = 1.0 - ZERO

And use these variables to set your phases to either ONE or ZERO in each node.


Ansah July 17, 2003 04:33

Re: CFX4: 3d geometry
Thanks for the advice Jeff

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