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zahid June 10, 2003 22:04

Adaptive meshing in CFX-5.5
Hi all I have used adaptive meshing facility of CFX-5.5 for different problems. I think it does not produce satisfactory results. It is not so smart. Sometimes it refines the grid at places where it is not required. Has any body had good experiences in using adaptive meshing. If yes then please give me guidelines to obtain good results. Thanks

Glenn Horrocks June 11, 2003 18:37

Re: Adaptive meshing in CFX-5.5
Hi Zahid,

To get adaptive meshing to do good things you have to set a number of parameters correctly. The most important is use the correct variables to refine with. If your model has been refining where it is not required it sounds like you have selected the wrong variable. Choose one which _only_ varies in the region of interest.

Also refining on variable*edge length can reduce over-refinement. It's worth a try too.


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