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HANNAH LIANG June 12, 2003 17:59

fail to install CFX5.6
Hi, everyone,

I try to install CFX5.6 in my machine in which the window NT 4.0 pack 6 is used. There is no any problem in the process of installation. After that, I can use the CFX-Build, and solver looks good. But when I start the CFX-pre or CFX-Post, the same warning message comes out: CFX-Pre or CFX-Post exits with return code 2. Who knows what this mean? What happen in the installation? because of the software or hardware? Please give me some idea!

Thanks a lot.


James June 12, 2003 20:43

Re: fail to install CFX5.6

We installed on NT and have had no problems. It's most likely a problem with your system.


Miko June 12, 2003 21:18

Re: fail to install CFX5.6
Hi HANNAH LIANG! Is your computer connected to networks?

HANNAH LIANG June 13, 2003 08:50

Re: fail to install CFX5.6
Hi, thank James and Miko. Yes, my machine is always on the line. The CFX5.5.1 works very well. The CFX-Build and solver are OK.


David M June 18, 2003 08:13

Hardware Graphics problem

There have been a number of cases like this, where CFX-Pre or CFX-Post fail to start, and they all seem to be related to a hardware graphics problem on Windows.

The workaround is to reduce the hardware acceleration on your machine. Go to the 'Control Panel / Display / Settings/ Advanced / Troubleshoot' section. Reduce the hardware acceleration by moving the slider to the left (try half way).

This should fix the problem.

Good Luck!

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