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David June 13, 2003 19:19

About PI meshing in CFX 5.6
Hi, everyone,

I built a model with a large aspect ratio of the geometry (10000) , which contain a 3D region and a 3D sub-region. After I assigned all the boundary conditions, AFI failed. Then I resorted to PI, I got a error message ''$# create_face_groups failed". Anybody knows what this means? Do I have to create face group instead of boundary conditons in the model?

In addtion, it seems that I can not create mesh seed for all the curves. I use a global element length, for example 0.01, and select all the edge of both the solids and create mesh seeds. After that I found that this did not work for all the edges of the solids. Anybody can tell me where can I find the information about Paver and Iso--except in user manuals (CFX-Build section)? And how to use this meshing tools?

Thank you very much!


David M June 18, 2003 08:16

Re: About PI meshing in CFX 5.6
You probably got this message because you tried to create a region on a surface or solid that was not associated with the mesh. If you create your mesh by extrusion, it will not automatically be associated with the surfaces it 'touches'. The work around is to create a surface mesh on each surface in the model, and then create a solid mesh from those constituent surface meshes.

David June 26, 2003 14:17

Re: About PI meshing in CFX 5.6
Hello David M,

Thank you! Yes, I used Extrude Surface to create the solid.

Best regards!


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