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Yi June 18, 2003 00:08

parallel processing
hi, does anybody know where I can find CFX report regarding parallel processing on WinNT, Unix and/or Linux (for CFX4 and CFX5)? Thanks!

Neale June 19, 2003 01:15

Re: parallel processing
Did you find anything on the CFX Community site?

What is it that you would like to know?

Yi June 20, 2003 18:50

Re: parallel processing
hi, Neale,

I did not find any on the CFX site.

What I like to know is the parallel capability when CFX is running on NT, Unix or Linux systems, which type of parallel configuration is most suitable for CFX.

FLUENT has some reports on this topic. For instance, HP has a white paper on the evaluation of FLUENT parallel performance.


Neale June 24, 2003 23:10

Re: parallel processing
The CFx-5 flow solver runs in parallel on any of the platforms you mention. Dual CPU PC's running Linux fare somewhat better in parallel scalability than those running Windows. Dual CPU UNIX workstations fare even better than PCs running Windows or Linux, however you usually pay a price premium for this.

If you are on a budget then I would start with three single CPU linux boxes. Two for running dual CPU jobs and one for pre and post processing. You could scale your mini-cluster by just adding more linux boxes in the future.


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