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Deepak Ganga June 25, 2003 11:38

Transient Rotor/Stator Simulation in TASCFLOW

Does anyone know how to get a grid to move at each time step during a transient simulation?

The compressor animation and transient rotor/stator tutorials achieve this but I cannot figure out how it was specified. I need to do a transient simulation and want the rotor grid movement at each time step written to the transient data file (trn. files).

Anyone have experience with this?

Reemull June 26, 2003 03:59

Re: Transient Rotor/Stator Simulation in TASCFLOW

You need to have a "rotor/stator" interface specified between your rotating and stationary components instead of "frozen rotor" or "staged".



Deepak June 26, 2003 15:25

Re: Transient Rotor/Stator Simulation in TASCFLOW
I discovered that I was asking the wrong question! I did define a 'rotor/stator' interface and the simulation ran smoothly. I also got results files at each time step (trn. files). I want to view the results at each time step with the grids correctly aligned.

The rs_rotate command supposed to take care of that, as was done in the tutorial, but I am working from the GUI. Is the rs_rotate command active by default when using the GUI?

In the tutorial I created additional animations to the ones defined in the macros and the grid aligned itself fine at each time step.

Seems like I am overlooking something???

Reemull June 27, 2003 02:47

Re: Transient Rotor/Stator Simulation in TASCFLOW
I'm not sure whether the rs_rotate is active by default in the GUI - and I remember being unsure myself when I did my first transient analysis. I found that I was happier to do the loading in of the results file and correcting it's alignment using the command line box (fom the Tools menu) and then returning to the GUI to investigate the results.

The two commands I use for this are

read rso from trn.XXX



Hope this helps


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