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Stex June 27, 2003 08:36

Hi, I used the command "cfx5interp" to interpolate an old results file to a new mesh file "def". But when I restart I have good convergence but really strange and impossible results ( like zone with 55000 m/s). Anyone knows where is the PROBLEM?????


Glenn Horrocks June 29, 2003 18:44

Re: Interpolate
Hi Stex,

The interpolation routine does not handle changes in the mesh position very well. It generally gives good results where the geometry does not change (eg mesh refinement on the same geometry). If you try to interpolate onto a similar but different geometry the interpolation routine gives rubbish, and this causes problems with convergence of the solver as the initial condition is so terrible.

It looks like you are suffering this problem. I recommend just using an initial condition specified in the ccl file.


Helper June 30, 2003 08:04

Re: Interpolate
For clarificiation, I understand when using interpolation and the mesh/geometry change and a new point lies outside of the original mesh, interpolation is replaced by extrapolation from the nearest point in the old mesh. You would normally see a spike in residuals when restarting from an interpolated solution, however, you appear to be getting worse behaviour than this. Do you have multiple domains (i.e. many subdomains) in the problem?

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