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blair June 30, 2003 04:42

data array too small
I am currently trying to run a problem, however I get a ERROR #001100279 has occured in subroutine ErrAction. Message: RedSht: size of data array is too small: what=G/IPESVL where=ZN1

I am using cfx 5.5.1, I have tried increasing the stack memory but this didn't help. Can anyone suggest anything else for me to try. Thank you,


blair June 30, 2003 12:59

Re: data array too small
Is the size of a fluid sub-domain as a volumetric momentum source likely to cause this error? I had a larger fluid sub-domain before and it worked, is there a minimum number of cells in a sub domain?

Neale July 2, 2003 01:01

Re: data array too small
There should not be. The message is a bit cryptic, but it is a problem with the mesh and topology generated by CFX-5-Build. Send your database to a support rep to have a look at it.


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