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sam June 30, 2003 10:11

Mesh Import from Fluent to CFX
Hello users, i will be greatful to ur contribution if u will tell me the procedure of importing the mesh from fluent ot CFX along with all the boundary conditions,thanks in advance.

Robin June 30, 2003 14:01

Re: Mesh Import from Fluent to CFX
Hi Sam,

You should be able to export the mesh to a format which CFX-5 can import. If you have ICEM-CFD, you can import the mesh into MED and export a CFX-5 mesh.

This will only provide you with the mesh and 2D/3D regions. Since boundary condition specification is code dependant, you will have to re-apply your boundary conditions in CFX-5.

Regards, Robin

Neale July 2, 2003 01:22

Re: Mesh Import from Fluent to CFX

You have a few options...

1) In the fluent post processor export a patran neutral file. You can then read this into CFX-Build and apply boundary conditions. This is not a workable solution if you have a large grid (i.e. >1,000,000 cells).

2) If you are smart, motivated, and have the Fluent documentation of their file format, then you can write a user defined import executable in CFX-5. The doc for this on the CFX side is in the CFX-5 manuals.


Erich July 2, 2003 10:26

Re: Mesh Import from Fluent to CFX
Are you unhappy with the Fluent results or just curious as to what the results would be in CFX?

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