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Mads Bang July 2, 2003 02:55

Compiler for CFX4.4 on Linux cluster
I know this has been discussed before in this forum, but maybe there is some news in respect to this subject.

Does anybody know if the Portland compiler is the only option for compiling double precision user FORTRAN on a Linux cluster, when I run CFX4.4? –or are there any free compilers out there which can do the job?

I think Jan Rusås raised the subject last time. So maybe you can comment with your experience on the matter.

Cheers, Mads

Jan Rusås July 2, 2003 08:54

Re: Compiler for CFX4.4 on Linux cluster
Hi' Mads I can't answer your question, but what is the problem. a single Portland compiler is not so expensive, and I am sure that CFX must have an agreement with Portland so CFX user's can get it for an even lower price.

Neale July 4, 2003 00:12

Re: Compiler for CFX4.4 on Linux cluster
Yes, you must use the portland compiler for double precision. g77 does not support autopromotion through a compiler flag.

You might also try downloading the non-comerical version of the intel compiler, which has the right compiler options, but I don't think it has compatible name mangling with gcc/g77/portland (which are all compatible).

jeff July 16, 2003 20:45

Re: Compiler for CFX4.4 on Linux cluster
The main issue is that CFX-4.4 was compiled using the Portland compiler. Your code will compile with g77 just fine, but it won't link with the pre-compiled object modules of the CFX-4.4 engine. Last I heard (February), there were no plans to re-compile CFX-4.4 with the g77 compiler. Check with your support person.


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