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Jackie July 3, 2003 13:44

Particle tracing and Re
Hello all,

I have two questions waiting for suggestions please.

1. I like to put a particle at the inlet boundary and see it's tracing line, but I don't know how can I create a particle and put it in that location.

2. I simulated the flow in a stirred tank. After running the program, relevant Reynold's numbers were reported. Could anybody explain how CFX compute the Reynold's number.

Thank you in advance for all kind answers.


zdong July 3, 2003 16:21

Re: Particle tracing and Re
I think you can track a particle in Post by plotting a streamline...

Jackie July 4, 2003 06:24

Re: Particle tracing and Re
Hello zdong,

Did you mean I just simulate stirred tank as one phase flow and put a particle in the tank later?

Can I simulate them as a multiphase flow?, and how can i input a parameter of a particle? such as density, size, number of particle, volume fraction ,or initial location et al.,


Bob July 4, 2003 07:22

Re: Particle tracing and Re
Are you using CFX4, 5.5.1 or 5.6 ? Particle tracking is now included in CFX5.6 not in CFX551 bob

Jackie July 4, 2003 13:13

Re: Particle tracing and Re
Thank you bob, I allready have CFX5.6.but I still have no idea how to do that . Could you give me some idea?

Thank you very much, Jackie

Michael Bo July 7, 2003 08:30

Re: Particle tracing and Re
In cfx5 you can add a point (Create\Point...\), and then create a streamline that uses that point(Create\Streamline\ Locations:Point 1) as a start.

Michael Bo

zdong July 8, 2003 22:30

Re: Particle tracing and Re
That is exactly the way I said... But I have not tried multiphase flow...

chris July 9, 2003 15:35

Re: Particle tracing and Re

Streamlines correspond to particles of zero mass. If you want to simulate particles with non-zero mass use the Lagrangian Particle Tracking as described in the new "Butterfly Valve" Tutorial of CFX5.6.


Paul August 11, 2003 23:12

Re: Particle tracing and Re
My understanding is that you were not able to put the particle in the command file and track it in the flow. in order to do that, you can refer to one of examples of particle tracking of CFX4-4 (i am not sure what examples are available in CFX5). If you have further questions, I will give some details. good luck

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