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Pascale Fonteijn July 4, 2003 17:47

Reloading grids in Pre
Hi All,

In Build 5.5.1, I frequently created grids, consisting of a hex and a tet/prism part. As consecutive cases were very similar, I found the following working order the most effective:1) copy the .db-file (with the combined grids) from case 1 to a new directory for case 2.
2) rename the directory from case 1.
3) open the .db-file (with the combined grids) for case 2.

Obviously Build gave an error as the grids were not found anymore. However, Build gave the opportunity to browse to the new .geo- and .def-file.
After that I only had to write out the definition file of the new combined grid and off I went.

In Pre, it doesn't seem to work that way. You can delete a grid (assembly) and reload a new one but all boundaries of the old grid stay right there and the new ones get an index '1'. Am I missing something?? How can this be done in Pre in the most effective way.


Robin July 7, 2003 13:33

Re: Reloading grids in Pre
Hi Pascale,

You can continue doing this as you have been, but when you delete the assembly, also delete the corresponding composite 2D regions in the region editor. When you import your new grid, the regions will be re-created.

Alternatively, you can export your CCL from Pre and re-use it. Create a new model, import your new grid and then import your CCL. If the same naming conventions are followed, your boundary conditions will be re-applied. This is probably the best way to do what you are asking and is easily scriptable. The following commands will create a new CFX case file, load your grid(s), and load your CCL:

>load filename=D:/Demo/Axial_demo/Stator/Stator_from_ccl.cfx, mode=new
> update

>gtmImport filename=..., type=..., genOpt= -n, \
units=m, nameStrategy=Assembly
> update

>importccl filename=D:/Demo/Axial_demo/Stator/Stator.ccl, mode = append
> update


If you are continually setting up similar problems, select only the /FLOW:FLOW section of the CCL for export (this will export the entire flow section, so you don't have to select each item in the displayed list) and save it to the $CFX_ROOT/etc/5.6/Templates directory for convenience. If you have entered custom materials/reaction/CEL etc you should also export the appropriate CCL section.

This will create your own model library. When you create a new case, simply name it and select the Model Library option. If you follow a standard naming convention for your model, all you have to do is import your grid(s) and you are ready to go.

Best regards,

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