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Tuhin July 15, 2003 04:40

Problem with CFX-5.5.1 solver

I got the following message in the output file of my multiphase, free surface flow simulation. Could you please tell me how can I fix it?

" Note: Pressure integrals exclude the reference pressure. To include it, set the expert parameter 'include pref in forces = t'. "

I'm working with CFX-5.5.1. Thanking you.


vlado July 15, 2003 07:39

Re: Problem with CFX-5.5.1 solver

in the solver manager selct teh icon "edit definition file", then select the definition file or the last result file to edit.

then a new window will open then uder the "edit menu" select "add expert parameter section"

then select this new section an go back on the edit menu and select "add parameter"

then a new window with a lot of parameters will appear from the menu select parameter "include p ref in forcen" adn set value to "t"

just for the notice a CFX 5.6 is already out so get it as soon as possible is much more user friendly than CFX 5.5.1


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