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Rebecca July 16, 2003 04:26

inlet setting
Hi all,

I like to ask a simple question about the setting of inlet that how to set the velocity in the unit [rpm]? Should I set a equation in CEL for this? or change the frame to Rotating Frames of Reference?

Thank you for your response!


Robin July 19, 2003 16:11

Re: inlet setting

[rpm] is not a unit of velocity. What is it you are trying to do?


Rebecca July 21, 2003 14:03

Re: inlet setting

I like to simulate the impeller with different rotational velocities. Would you please suggest me? Thanks for your help.


Robin July 21, 2003 14:45

Re: inlet setting
Hi Rebecca,

If the domain is rotating, you should specify it in the domains form. When you create your inlet boundary condition, there is an option to specify it relative to the stationary domain. Doing so, the solver will automatically add the rotating component to your inlet condition (essentially adding v_theta = omega*r).

Regards, Robin

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