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Jingo July 24, 2003 17:10

CFX5.6 on Redhat 9
Hello everyone,

Anybody has installed CFX 5.6 on Redhat Linux 9. The installation manual tells me to install it on Redhat 7.1 or 7.2 but I hate to degrade my system from 9.0 down to 7.2.

Thank you!


cfd guy July 25, 2003 04:17

Re: CFX5.6 on Redhat 9
Hi Jingo,

Sorry to say that but I don't believe that CFX-5.6 will work on RedHat 9, since it is not a supported platform.
Well, I read somewhere that the officially supported operating system for CFX-5.6 is Redhat 7.3, and it has been shown to run on 8.0 (see the release notes for some OS specific issues under 8.0). The plans on supporting Redhat 9.x might be on the CFX-5.7 release.

cfd guy

jonathan July 25, 2003 11:10

Re: CFX5.6 on Redhat 9
I have CFX 5.6 installed on Red Hat 8.0 (also not supposedly supported) and am content with its preformance. No real serious problems.


Danie July 26, 2003 11:58

Re: CFX5.6 on Redhat 9
I have the similar experience as that of Jonathan. Danie

Jingo July 28, 2003 17:59

Re: CFX5.6 on Redhat 9
Thank you, cfd guy, jonathan and Danie.

Neale July 31, 2003 17:09

Re: CFX5.6 on Redhat 9
CFX-5.6 will not work on Redhat 9. There C library compatibility issues. i.e. Redhat made a bunch of changes to libc which cause many software packages to no longer work. I suggest that you at least downgrade to 8.0 which was a good release.


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