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Betty August 13, 2003 04:41

Create a Solid
Hello Everybody,

I'm a new CFX user. I have encountered a problem and would like to seek help here. Is it that solids must created from parameterised surfaces? If I import a CAD geometry into Build and those surfaces are not parameterised surfaces, can I create a solid for these surfaces? Thank you for your response.


Marco Melo August 13, 2003 21:18

Re: Create a Solid
Well first of all Hi! look to import from other drawing programs you must have the licens to import it perfectly if you don't have it you must work on your surfaces to parametrise them well, other wise you can creat a solid with those surface but it won't mesh! That's what i can tellyou may be i'm wrong but I imported a surface from PRO-E and i had to arrange it. i hope this will help you out!

My best regards Marco Melo.

Betty August 14, 2003 00:17

Re: Create a Solid
Hi Marco Melo,

Thanks for sharing your experience.^^

I've got the license and it is able to import the geometry into Build. However, there are some surfaces which are not parameterised so that I can't create them to be a cutout solid in Build. And it causes the problem that I can't set BCs on them then. Any suggestions? Would you advise me please? By the way, according to the your msg, after importing a surface from Pro-E, you have to do some arrangements. Would you mind telling me what the arrangement is please? It may give me some ideas to solve my problem. Thank you.

Best regards


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