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Louwrens August 16, 2003 10:47

Modelling thin surfaces in 5.6
I constructed a simulation for a free-floating thin surface (like a vane).

My model looks like this:

- There's a main 3D region (solid 1) with a cut-out solid (solid 2) of which one face is to be the thin surface.

- Solid 2 is defined as a 3D subregion in Build

- In Pre the main flow domain is defined to consist of both the main 3D region and the 3D subregion and a subdomain is defined consisting of the 3D subregion

- BC's are applied as per usual, with "Create Thin Surface Partner" option enabled on the wall that's going to be the vane

- Fluid-fluid domain interfaces are applied at all the "open" faces of the subdomain

This solves and the flow "looks" right, but I want to know if there's a better way of doing it, for instance:

1. Do I have to create the fluid-fluid interfaces for instance, or is there another way of preventing the default boundary condition to be applied at those faces

2. What happens if I don't enable the "Create Thin Surface Partner" option when I define the wall BC for the vane? Will that face still be seen as a wall and treated as a thin surface (I can obviously run a simulation and check, but I think its cheaper to first find out if somebody knows! ;-))

3. Any other suggestions regarding modelling thin surfaces would be greatly appreciated. For instance how do I model "attached" thin surfaces (ie flaps at the trailing edge of a wing) without running into non-manifold surface problems? (for the record I've only tried this in 5.5 yet,albeit unsuccessfully, not in 5.6)

A last observation:

It seems 5.6 automatically calculates the pressure integrals, not like 5.5 where you had to enable "output equation flows". I like that, no having to rerun a simulation cos you forgot to click the toggle and now you don't have the force and moment data! Am I right or did I just toggle the option without realising (which is also a distinct possibility!) ;-)

Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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