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Lucio September 8, 2003 19:25

Creating SOLID-REP
Hi, Im having a problem to create the solid b-rep in the CFX 5.5. I am modelling a turbulence flow in a body.

It have 80 surfaces and I already made the "EDIT /SURFACE/EDGE MATCH" and too "VERIFY/SOLID/B-REP" and both are correct. When I request the "CREATE/SOLID/B-REP", the program begun to run and after a few moment,(maybe one minute) it just close without any information. Would somebody help me? How can I obtain more information about the problem? Would it be because of the hardware? I hope somebody answer's. Regards at all. Lucio

Bob September 9, 2003 08:30

Re: Creating SOLID-REP
HI, It shouldn't be the hardware. Does build repeatedly close when you try to create the brep again ? When viewing your surfaces, what do the display lines in build look like. You should see two vertical and two horizontal lines on each surface. Do these lines look evenly spaced (apart from on trimmed surfaces !). These lines will indicate if you have any pooly parameterised surfaces. If you do have such surfaces you may need to rebuild them. Bob

Lucio September 9, 2003 13:08

Re: Creating SOLID-REP
Thanks Bob Well, yes, the Build close repeatdly.. In fact I can see lines spaced from the trimmed surface. But I thought that all connection would be corrected when I did the EDGE MATCH function. Thanks for your reply. Ill try to rebuild the the body. Lucio

Lucio September 10, 2003 19:22

Re: Creating SOLID-REP
The modification gave results. I create the solid B-REP Thanks again, Bob. Lucio.

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