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Boris October 2, 2003 05:18

CAD tools for ship CFD
We are trying to use CFD simulations as an approach to modify hull forms in order to achieve better ship hydrodynamic performances.

However, at the moment, we don't have good CAD tools. Each time, we use ship offsets to create the model geometry and do the modeling. After the simulations, we may find out some parts of the hull from that can be modified. Then, we can't change the hull form in a easy way, as we don't have an appropriate CAD tool to change the hull form and to do the faring as well.

Please kindly provide the info of what CAD tools nomarlly used for ship CFD.

Thanks in advance.

Robin October 2, 2003 11:45

Re: CAD tools for ship CFD
I cannot offer much specifically on ship modelling, but it sounds like what you need is the ability to define you model parametrically. Most commercial 3D CAD applications allow you to do this.

If you are only creating a CAD model for simulation and do not need a full featured CAD system, the CAD tool in CFX-CAD2Mesh, ANSYS DesignModeler, is a very good Parasolids based CAD system and will allow you to define your model parametrically. This model would then be directly linked to the meshing application, allowing you to easily update your mesh with your model changes.

Regards, Robin

Boris October 2, 2003 20:00

Re: CAD tools for ship CFD
Thank you very much, Robin,

I need a CAD tool specially designed for ships and it can be easily linked to CFD preprocessor as well. After I change any geometry parameters, the hull form surfac needs to be fared to become smooth again. Nomal CAD pakages don't have faring tools for ship forms.

Thank you again.

James Date October 3, 2003 13:54

Re: CAD tools for ship CFD
Hi there, You might what to buy the following package for ship lines fairing and exporting.

Wolfson - Ship Shape - Cost 1000

This program is very easy to use and should do what you want without being overly complicated.

You could try Maxsurf, although this package probably costs a lot more than ship shape

Regards James

Louwrens October 6, 2003 03:56

Re: CAD tools for ship CFD
Hi Robin

With regards to CAD2Mesh, will the Parametric CAD system be available to "all" users, or do you have to buy a special license for that (like the parasolids modelling in Build / Patran?)

Just asking... ;-)


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