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CXL October 2, 2003 23:28

about USER FORTRAN compiling issue
I use CFX4.3 with Compaq Visual FORTRAN 6.1 and 6.6, and get the following error message, Anyone could teach me how to solve this issue ?

Thanks for your attention.

Messages from CFX-4 Environment ===============================

C:/CFX/CFX-4.3/bin/cfx4: test: too many arguments CFX-4 | Starting CFX-4.3 ... CFX-4 | Solver | /CFX/CFX-4.3/bin/runsolve4: test: too many arguments CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Compiling user Fortran... CFX-4 | Solver | {D:CFD_casesCFX4.3ex28.cfx4_tmpdir ortusrint.f} CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Creating executable, please wait... CFX-4 | Solver | LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file dfordll.lib CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Failed to link CFX-4. CFX-4 | Solver | runsolve4: Job completed CFX-4 | Solver | An output file was not produced CFX-4 | Solver | CFX-4 | Solver | Finished. CFX-4 | Solver |

Jeff October 9, 2003 21:00

Re: about USER FORTRAN compiling issue
I think that the dfordll.lib error was a known one. As I recall, something had to be copied from the FORTRAN library directory in to the SYSTEM32 directory. It was a long time ago though. Check with your support office.


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