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strudl October 5, 2003 00:37

memory allocation
Hello Can anyone care to explain this to me please Storage allocation failed Number of words requested = 62033932

No. bytes/word = 4

Array = n_bf3 Current memory allocated = 1465479948 bytes Maximum memory allocated = 1586840100 bytes ================================================== ==============================

The mesh generation program was unable to allocate enough memory. That is memory that can be grabbed by a 'malloc' statement. In general this will be a machine dependent combination of available real memory and swap space. If in doubt, contact your systems administrator.

Eldoret October 5, 2003 10:26

Re: memory allocation
Hi Studtl, From your earlier postings, it appears to me that the problem is just memory. You said "The rule of thumb is: 1 million Mesh = 1 Gb of ram". From my little experience with a wide range of problems, I feel very reluctant to subscribe to this school of thought. Without an adequate knowledge of the numerics (double or single precision, grid, solvers etc) and physics (flow regimn, phases or components etc) of ones problem, it is difficult to tell!!.

The first question of interest; do you really have enough memory? If so, does you machine support that kind of memory?

I used to get a message of License manager problem....., this was a HOAX as I later found out when i increased the RAM.

regards Eldoret

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