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Glenn Horrocks October 8, 2003 19:46

CFX4 dump file format

I am currently doing a study where we are comparing some results from my simulations using CFX4 and 5 to a colleague's results who is using KIVA. The post-processing of KIVA is terrible, so I would like to use CFX-Post to view and compare the results for the simulations. I realise I could use Fieldview or Ensight to do this, but they are expensive and I think it can be done using CFX-Post.

This means I will need to do a conversion from KIVA to something CFX-Post can read. Of all the formats CFX-Post can read in, the CFX4 dump file format looks promising.

Does anybody have any information about the CFX4 dump file format? It is not fully described in the manuals. I realise this is a longshot, but if somebody had something which writes directly to CFX4 dump file format that would be even better!

Regards, Glenn

Jeff October 9, 2003 21:38

Re: CFX4 dump file format
Do a CFX-4 run, and tell the solver to write the file out as FORMATTED. You can then examine the structure of the file and the order things are in. Unfortunately, I don't think POST will read an unformatted file so you'll have to write it as a binary file.

Hope this helps.

There was a reference to the CFX-4 dump file format in one of the older manuals (around version 3.3 maybe?). See if you can find one of those.


Glenn Horrocks October 12, 2003 19:16

Re: CFX4 dump file format
Hi Jeff,

I've already got a formatted dump file, so I can see the format, but it is not necessarily easy to then work out the system from there. I think I have an old CFX manual around somewhere, I'll try to dig it up.

Also, for your information, I tried loading a formatted CFX4 dump file into CFX-Post and it worked fine.


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