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Michael Bo October 14, 2003 05:53

Replace CFX logo with your own
If you want to replace the CFX logo in POST with your own logo, here's how you do it: In the folder C:\CFX\CFX-5.6\etc\5.6\icons\ you will find the file cfxlogo_large.ppm . This file contains the CFX-logo that is used within post. Create your own file in a picture-editing program with size 155x155 and with green background and insert your own logo there. The green background is made transparent in post. You then have to export is as a .ppm file (Portable Pixelmap) but the freeware program Irfanview ( does that without any problem. Just overwrite the file and you are done. - Michael Bo

rusaas October 15, 2003 08:52

Re: Replace CFX logo with your own
Thanks Michael, That was a useful help. I know the question has been raised before, I even think CFX has been asked about the problem, but I don't recall the outcome of it. Regards Jan

Michael Bo October 16, 2003 10:09

Re: Replace CFX logo with your own also has an affect to Pre. - Michael Bo

Jeff October 20, 2003 15:52

Re: Replace CFX logo with your own
I don't have access to irfanview. Maybe someone can help me understand this.

Appearantly there are multiple flavors of ppm files. No matter what I do, ImageMagik and ImageConvert(SGI) always create a "PseudoClass" image. The cfxlogo_large.ppm is a "DirectClass" image. The pseudoclass images to not appear to read properly into Post (no logo shows up at all).

Is there a standard tool on SGI or PC that will allow me to convert a .bmp/.jpg/.gif or whatever to a "DirectClass" .ppm file? Or some procedure in ImageMagik that I don't know about to accomplish this?

Also, assuming you can get the proper version of a .ppm file, there is a procedure posted on the CFX Community pages for adding your logo and leaving the CFX logo alone. You can put your logo above the CFX logo or even on the left hand side of the viewer (you'll need to hide the axis). I'll try to transcribe those instructions here later.

Michael Bo October 24, 2003 04:55

Re: Replace CFX logo with your own
My Logo file is a 24 bit PPM file. Maybe thats what it's means with "Direct Class". Still Irfanview for pc is able to save it as a ppm format. - Michael Bo

Jeff October 26, 2003 23:58

Re: Replace CFX logo with your own
Unfortunately, my place of employment doesn't allow us to just go and download things from the internet. I need to find a solution using something we already have.

Holiday November 5, 2003 05:21

Re: Replace CFX logo with your own
Humm, this is interesting. I thought however that one couldn't withdraw the CFX logo from pictures due to the license agreement that is signed. Is that correct?

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