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Martin October 14, 2003 18:42

Fields as Boundary conditions?
Is it somehow possible to use a field, such as [x,y,z,property] , for definition of a boundary condition in CFX 5.6?

Say, for example, I want to solve a conjugate heat transfer problem, where there are flows on both sides of a solid body. Because it is too big to solve in one case, I will setup "internal flow + solid" as one case, and "external flow" as another case. From the "external flow" case I would like to export heat transfer coefficients on the external solid wall and import it as a boundary condition to the "internal flow + solid" case.

Many thanks for your ideas.


Glenn Horrocks October 15, 2003 19:02

Re: Fields as Boundary conditions?
Hi Martin,

One possible method is to export the heat transfer coefficients on the linking surface to a text file in CFX-Post, and to then import the data into the other run as a Cloud of Points user function, and apply it as the wall boundary condition for the other run.


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