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K.C October 22, 2003 11:28

Meshing a Propeller

Does anyone knows how to mesh a two blade propeller using CFX as I am relatively new to this software. Currently I have the IGS model of the propeller but I'm not very sure how to continue from here.

I would appreciate your help in this. Thanks


Glenn Horrocks October 22, 2003 18:20

Re: Meshing a Propeller

Meshing a complicated surface like a propeller involves a number of steps and cannot be described in a few lines of text. I suggest you look at the tutorials, especially the tutorial on a rotor/stator blade stage. Many of the concepts in this tutorial will be useful in meshing a propeller.

Also have a look in the literature about how other people have done it. I think you might also be able to find some papers on this on the CFX-Community web page.


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