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colins October 27, 2003 23:12

roughness of thin surface
hi,friends I need to difine different roughness on the twos of thin surface,who knows how to? I have referred to this topic, but I can not distinguish the two surfaces,e.g. which one is the inside one or which one is the upper,anyone could help me? thanks.

Robin October 28, 2003 13:41

Re: roughness of thin surface
Hi Colins,

To find the direction, define an outlet boundary condition to the surface. The arrows will be on the side which is touching the fluid. You can then switch it back to a wall and apply the appropriate B.C.


colins October 28, 2003 23:03

Re: roughness of thin surface
To robin, I have tried following what you suggested,but I cannot apply a inlet/outlet boundary on a subdomain surface,the error reported was "The surface list 'Solid 4.4' contains the following error(s). Solid 4.4 is not an exterior face of a domain." Btw,I am using CFX5.5 -colins

njzeo October 29, 2003 04:05

Re: roughness of thin surface
first,you can creat a subdomain which include the thinsurface you will defined,then in the condition boundary,you'd creat the thinsurface,and you may define different roughness on the two side of the thinsurface.may you succeed1

Robin October 29, 2003 13:06

Re: roughness of thin surface
Upgrade to 5.6.


colins October 30, 2003 01:13

Re: roughness of thin surface
To Robin, thank you.I have done it. -colins

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