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Jeniffer November 6, 2003 17:49

How to plot Isolated Volume in Post
Hello friends,

Recently I got an error when I solve a multi-domain problem. A message from Solver telling that 3 isolated fluid regions were found in the following set of coupled domains: Rotationay and Stationary. I was also told that the isolated regions can be visualised in CFX-Post by making plots of the variable "Isolated Volumes". But I can not find any information about this variable in the Post Manual and Post itself. Maybe some friends encountered the same problem and know the solution, could you please tell how to plot this variable in Post.

Your word is worth my hours of work. Thank you for your any input.


Robin November 7, 2003 15:22

Re: How to plot Isolated Volume in Post
It is in a file written out by the solver, res.err I think. Did you open this file in Post?


Jeniffer November 7, 2003 17:02

Re: How to plot Isolated Volume in Post
I appreciate your response greatly, Robin.

Yes, I can open the .err file but where can I find the variable? How can I create a plot for Isolated Volume?



Robin November 8, 2003 10:39

Re: How to plot Isolated Volume in Post
Create a Volume object using the "isovolume" option. If the variable is not in the pull down list, click the [...] button next to it.

You might also want to change the rendering to "Flat Shading" instead of smoothe, this will give you a sharper resolution of the elements.

Regards, Robin

Jeniffer November 12, 2003 00:14

Re: How to plot Isolated Volume in Post
Hi Robin,

Thank you for your detailed explanation. I will try that.

Best regards,


Pertpid2 August 31, 2015 10:59

Hi Robin,
I've got the same problem. I have tried to follow your procedure but unfortunately "Isolated Volumes" is not in the list.

Do you have any suggestions about how I can plot this variable out??

Many Thanks

ghorrocks August 31, 2015 18:12

Alternately, the error means your interfaces connecting domains is probably wrong. Have a look at the overlap % for the interfaces in the output file.

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