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Jeniffer November 10, 2003 01:42

Why the streamline passes through blades
Hello friends,

I simulated a baffled mixing tank. Two domains are set up. Central domain containing the blades is rotationary and outer domain containing baffles is stationary. There are six vertical blades revolving at the center of the tank. When I check the results in Post, I found the streamline pass through the blades. I used Thin Surface boundary (Wall) condition for the blades. Since I assigned a velocity for the whole ratotionary domain, the blades should be stationary relative to the rotationary domain. Also, stremline should pass around rather pass through the blades since blades basically are wall. Anybody can give me some suggestion about that?

I am looking forward to your any resonse.



Glenn Horrocks November 10, 2003 17:18

Re: Why the streamline passes through blades
Hi Jeniffer,

In CFX-Post, have a look at the properties of the streamline. Under the limits tab there are a number of options for controlling how the streamline is integrated. A possible cause for your problem is that the default integration tolerances are too coarse. Try reducing the integration tolerance.

Note that it will take longer to calculate the streamline when you do this, so don't go overboard and make it rediculously fine, especially if you are calculating streamlines on a large simulation.


Jeniffer November 18, 2003 02:25

Re: Why the streamline passes through blades
Hi, Glenn Horrcks,

Thank you for your kind response. I set the integration limit to 0.00001 and the problem still is there.

Could you please give me more suggestions?



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