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Märta-Karin Brandt November 13, 2003 13:03

Linearisation of governing equations

Does anybody know how the governing equations are linearised in CFX-5.6?

Regards, Märta-Karin

Glenn Horrocks November 13, 2003 17:25

Re: Linearisation of governing equations
Hi Märta,

It's all in the documentation for the codes. If you are using CFX5 have a look in the solver theory manual. If you are using CFX4 have a look in the solver manual.

There are also a number of good text books on the basics of CFD. Have a look at the books section of CFD-online for a selection.

Regards, Glenn

Märta-Karin Brandt November 14, 2003 06:32

Re: Linearisation of governing equations
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your advice. I've looked in the solver theory manual but I can only find information about how the equations are discretised, do you know if there is some other useful chapter I may have missed? I've also searched in CFD books, but it seems to me as there are several ways to linearise and I would like to know which method CFX-5 uses. In chapter Coupled Solver Theory, it says "coefficient iteration", I would like to know which coefficients and what the iteration process looks like. Do you have any reference to anything you think I should read?

Many thanks, Märta-Karin

BAK_FLOW November 14, 2003 10:33

Re: Linearisation of governing equations
Hello Marta,

you might want to try the Theory documentation for TASCflow. Although for the structured code and slightly different discretzation (skew schemes rather than gradient reconstruction) it is a very detailed reference. There also are detailed references to published papers which have even more of the details.



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