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Louwrens November 19, 2003 07:25

another unknown Pre error
Anybody know what this means:

"SEVERE Operation 'writeCaseFile' failed with unrecognized exception."

and what to do about it?

It happens when I try to write a definition file from Pre.



Glenn Horrocks November 19, 2003 17:36

Re: another unknown Pre error
Hi Louwrens,

It sounds like a problem in CFX-Pre. I would contact your CFX support rep about it.


Louwrens November 20, 2003 02:32

Re: another unknown Pre error
I've been having quite a few of those lately...

Problem with these type of errors are you don't know "where" to go look to try and correct it, and the message itself doesn't give any info!

Glenn Horrocks November 20, 2003 17:34

Re: another unknown Pre error
Hi Louwrens,

If it is a problem with CFX-Pre rather than your settings then there is not much you can do about it. Make sure you have the latest CFX-Pre patch installed - they cunningly released another patch for CFX-Pre after the July 24 patch and did not tell anybody about it.

Unfortunately, CFX-Pre is a bit buggy. You may be able to find a workaround by either importing CCL code into CFX-Pre. Alternatively only using CFX-Pre for domain and BC setup and setting up everything else in a CCL file and importing it into the def file with cfx5cmds might work.

Regards, Glenn

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