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KKA November 22, 2003 18:37

Circular Pipe grid generation in CFX4.4 Build
I have been trying to generate a structured grid mesh using CFX4.4 Build but it has not been sucessful. Though I was able to generate it by putting a small squre box at the centre of it. But after I sent it to TASCflow2.12, and ran it, my results were having a big errors. I believe the error might be due to grid, I am confidence in that square box at the centre. Because I want to contract nodes close to the wall, the centre nodes seam to be uniform. Beside the method I specified above, do any body knows any other method? Suggestions and answers take in account that the concern mesh is one-way bias on r-direction. Please give me a hand on this.

Thank you.

Reemull November 25, 2003 04:53

Re: Circular Pipe grid generation in CFX4.4 Build
The easiest way to check your grid mesh in TASCflow is to use the Grid>Check Quality drop down menu. This should allow you to check your grid skew and aspect ratio, and to see if it flags up any warning signals. If there are problems you than then use the visualiser to track down the problem area so that you can improve it in CFX-Build. If it doesn't then the square box method is generating a decent grid. Generally though - when modelling a circular duct I use the square box method and it works ok.


Bob December 2, 2003 11:33

Re: Circular Pipe grid generation in CFX4.4 Build
Do you have to equivalence nodes before taking the structured mesh from build to Tascflow ? You have to do this in CFX, may that is your problem ? Bob

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