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shir November 26, 2003 10:02

CFX 5.6: Dispersion Coefficient/ Concentration
hello to everyone,

I'm simulating a bubble column (water(:continuous phase) and air inlet (:sparger, dispearsed phase) at the bottom and water outlet & degassing zone for the air outlet at the top) I need to find the "Dispersion Coefficient" of the system, in the experiements we have set another input at the top of the bubble column (tracer) which would be added to the system after Steady state has been acheived and by having measured the concentrations of the tracer in different heights of the column, we would get the Dispersion Coefficient of the system, Now, I would appreciate any comments in this regard, should I add a tracer in my simulation to get the Dispersion Coefficient/ Concentration, or can I even do it without the tracer, in each case please explain how!! Best regards shir

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