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Märta-Karin Brandt November 26, 2003 10:03

Wall Heat Flux unit

According to CFX-5 Reference Guide, the unit of the wall heat flux in CFX-5.6 is kg/s^-3 and the unit of the heat transfer coefficient is kg/s^-3 K. Can this really be correct?

Regards, Märta-Karin

Johnson November 26, 2003 15:14

Re: Wall Heat Flux unit
Hi Marta-Karin

Strictly speaking, they are correct:

Heat Flux = W m^-2 = (kg m s^-2 x m s-1) x m^-2 = kg s^-3

HTC = W m^-2 K = kg s^-3 K

but not very useful to anyone. Perhaps CFX should employ some engineers instead of computer scientists.


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